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On your iPhone XS or earlier, iPad, or iPod touch Open an app, then tap Share or the Share button. If you share a photo from the Photos app, you can swipe left or right and select multiple photos. Tap the AirDrop button To enable or disable AirDrop, you first need to know the location of Control Center which has changed its location on iPhone X. For this, you only need to swipe down at the top right corner of the screen. It will quickly open Control Center on your iPhone X without any delay

How to use AirDrop on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

Those of you who are using the iPhone X that doesn't have a home button must have noticed that AirDrop is nowhere to be found. It has been located in the Control Center for several years now. However, things have changed once iOS 11 saw the light of the day. Before we proceed, you also need to know that your iPhone X is fully compatible with AirDrop Open an app and then tap Share or the Share button . If you share a photo from the Photos app, you can swipe left or right and select multiple photos. Tap the AirDrop button. If the person that you want to share with also has an iPhone 11 model or iPhone 12 model, point your iPhone in the direction of the other iPhone

How to Turn on AirDrop & Receive AirDrop Files on iPhoneHow to mirror your Ipad/Iphone screen to desktop or laptop

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  1. How To Turn On Airdrop on iPhone XBuy an iPhone X under $675 here - https://amzn.to/2W1Adc
  2. Open Control Center on the iPhone by swiping down from the upper-right corner of the screen. Press and hold the section that displays the airplane mode, wireless, cellular, and Bluetooth icons to expand the section. Tap AirDrop to turn it on. Select one of the three options on the screen that opens: Receiving Off, Contacts Only, or Everyone
  3. How to set up AirDrop on your iPhone. 1. Open Settings. 2. Tap on General. 3. Tap on AirDrop. This should be on top of the second set of items. 4. Tap on Everyone to ensure anyone can AirDrop to..
  4. For iPhone airdrop files are stored automatically in the app from which the files were sent from. If the app is not installed on your iPhone, you will be redirected app store to download the respective app. Once the app is installed, the airdrop file will be opened in that app. Extra Tips: The Best Alternative Tool for Airdrop Transfe
  5. How to Find AirDrop in iOS 11. Open Control Center. On iPhone X, swipe down from the top right of your screen. On every other model of iPhone, swipe up from the bottom of your screen. 3D Touch or long press the Wi-Fi icon. This will open up a whole other menu that reveals quick access to your Personal Hotspot and, of course, AirDrop. Tap on AirDrop
  6. i and iPod Touch fifth generation and newer. This means that, for instance, if you own an iPhone 4S, or iPad 2, then your device(s) will not have AirDrop. AirDrop supports only iOS 7 and above devices

iPhone AirDrop - What Is It? AirDrop is Apple's file transfer technology that allows iPhone, iPad, and Mac users to wirelessly send files to other iOS devices or Mac users within 30 feet of each other. AirDrop does not require an internet connection.Instead, it uses Bluetooth and/or Wi-Fi to make a local area connection between two devices so they can transfer files between them - this. Step 1: Open Control Center on your iPhone 8/iPhone X in iOS 11 by swiping up from the bottom of your iPhone screen. Step 2 : Press deeply on the module where Airplane Mode locate in. Step 3 : Tap on AirDrop and set your iPhone to be discovered by Contacts Only or Everyone Goto iPhone Settings and Turn on WiFi and Bluetooth to work with AirDrop. iPhone User is Not on Available AirDrop List When you try to Airdrop to a particular phone, the phone should appear in the available list of Airdrop devices. Sometime, you may not see the iPhone or Mac to send the file to them How to 'AirDrop' from iPhone to a Windows PC. AirDrop isn't officially available on Windows. But there are numerous alternatives to Apple's acclaimed file -sharing service. In this post, we'll learn three different methods to transfer files from iPhone to a Windows computer. Using Snapdrop. Using Send Anywhere; Using Simple Transfer; Using Snapdro How to Turn On Airdrop on iPhone or iPad To turn on AirDrop, swipe up from the bottom of your iPhone screen. This will take you to the Control Center. Press and hold the WiFi button

On earlier iPhone models, you can swipe up from the bottom of your iPhone screen and tap the AirDrop icon to turn it on. On new iPhone models, including iPhone X and later, there is a change in design On your iPhone 11 Pro Max, 11 Pro, 11, Xs Max, Xs, XR, and iPhone X swipe down from the top-right corner of the screen On iPhone SE 2020, 8 Plus, and earlier, swipe up the screen from the bottom Long press on the top right box with icons for Airplane mode, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc. The box will expan Using AirDrop on your iPhone X is as easy as on other iOS devices. You can also customize AirDrop from the Control Center and in the Settings section of the iPhone X. In addition, you have the option to choose who can see your device in AirDrop and send videos, images, etc. to your device. your phone. Customize AirDrop from Settings on iPhone X AirDrop is now only accessible through a long press or a 3D Touch on any of toggles within the connections tile, including AirPlane Mode, WiFi, Cellular, and Bluetooth. Simply deep press or 3D Touch one of these icons and a larger menu pops up offering two additional selections: AirDrop and Personal Hotspot

Tap the share button on the bottom left corner and choose the AirDrop users. On the receiver iPhone, tap Accept to receive the pictures. To turn it off, tap the AirDrop icon on the Control Center or from Settings, and select Receiving Off. The receiver can check all the pictures sent in the Photos app on their iPhone The AirDrop feature is often the quickest way to transfer content between iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Mac.And beyond sharing images and documents, users can also AirDrop website links, passes. To access it on a phone without a home button (iPhone X or later) or an iPad, swipe down from the upper-right hand corner. On other devices, swipe up from the bottom edge of the screen How to Turn Off AirDrop on an iPhone 7 in iOS 10. The steps in this article were performed on an iPhone 7 Plus, in iOS 10.3.1. The first section of this guide will show you a quick way to turn off AirDrop. The second section is going to go a little further and completely disable AirDrop,.

Each iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch needs to be running iOS 7 or later and each Mac needs to have been introduced in 2012 or later (excluding the 2012 Mac Pro) and running OS X Yosemite or later. How to Access AirDrop in Control Center for iOS 13, iOS 12, and iOS 11 . For iPhone, cellular iPad, and iPod Touch, here's how you can access and enable or disable AirDrop from Control Center: Swipe to open Control Center on the iPhone as usual (swipe up from bottom of screen on most devices, swipe down from top right corner on iPhone X To share a photo or video with AirDrop, view the photo and then tap on the share button. The Share Sheet will then come up, with AirDrop being the top section of the sheet. If any friends or iOS users are nearby and capable of receiving a transfer from you, their contact photo will be displayed When iOS 11 arrived, AirDrop settings were removed from Control Center, well at least without an extra step. Follow along below for two ways to change AirDrop settings on iPhone and iPad. Whether. Airdrop is a feature of Apple's iOS and Mac OS systems to share files between multiple devices, supported on iPhone 5 and above. In our daily use of iPhone and Mac, Airdrop is definitely a powerful tool for the two to work together. Currently, the newly released iPhone XS is a hit among many users, especially women, a

How to turn on (or off) AirDrop for iPhone X, iPhone XS, or iPhone XR. Launch Control Center by swiping down from the top right corner of the screen (by the battery life symbol). Long press on the Wi-Fi button. Tap AirDrop. Tap Contacts Only or Everyone to turn on AirDrop In the Control Center of your iPhone X, AirDrop is hidden. Do as the steps to access and turn it on. Step 1. Swipe down from the upper-right corner of the screen on iPhone X. Step 2. Press deeply or touch and hold the network settings card in the upper-left corner Where Do AirDrop Files Go on My iPhone? On the other hand, when using your iPhone, the AirDrop files you receive are placed in the app that is associated with its file type. For example, photos sent via AirDrop will be placed in the Photos app, lists or notes will be placed in the Notes app, et cetera Steps to enable airdrop on iPhone X. Airdrop can be easily enabled from the control center itself and start using. The steps to enable airdrop are: Open control center by swiping up on home screen; 3D touch on the connectivity menu to reveal extra hidden option; Click on airdrop; Select contacts only to airdrop files only between your contact Open Photos App on your iPhone > select photos that you want to AirDrop to iPad. 2. After selecting Photos, tap on the Share icon located at the bottom left corner of your screen

AirDrop Settings: On an iPad or iPhone, AirDrop is controlled in Settings>General>AirDrop. You can set AirDrop receiving to off, to contacts only or to everyone Follow the simple steps below to enable AirDrop on your iPhone 4, 4S or iPad (3rd generation) running iOS 7. Add the following repo to Cydia. If you don't know how to do it, follow the guide here. Repo address: http://cydia.xsellize.com. Tap the 'Search' tab at bottom, and search for 'AirDrop Enabler for iOS 7.0+'

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In order to access the feature settings, just go to Settings > General > AirDrop on your device. Over here you can either turn it off complete or limit it to your contacts only Step 3: Now you can search for a tweak named AirDrop Enabler on the software. Step 4: Here you will only have to install it and reboot the device. Step 5: Once rebooted, you will have AirDrop installed on your device. This is a straightforward method of getting AirDrop on iPhone 4s, iPhone 4, iPad 2 and iPad 3 To reboot, hold the Home and Power buttons down together for about 10 seconds. Tips:If you found your iPhone AirDrop Not Working after update to iOS 10,you can use a iOS System Recovery to restore iPhone system to normal status. Please go to: How to fix iOS to normal withou data loss. Related Articles: How to Fix iOS 10 to Normal on iPhone,iPa On iOS 7 and later, AirDrop can be accessed by either tapping on Settings > General > AirDrop, or via the Control Center. Both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are automatically switched on when AirDrop is enabled as they are both utilized. Options for controlling AirDrop discovery by other devices include: No one can see device (AirDrop disabled ShutterstockWhere AirDrop files go on your iPhone will depend on what type of file they are.When you accept AirDrop files on your iPhone, they will go to th

How to use AirDrop on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch

Open Settings on your iPhone, select General, and then select AirDrop. There are three options: Receiving Off, Contacts Only, and Everyone. Tap Contacts Only to enable sharing only with people you.. Tap the Password field and select AirDrop... from the popup menu. From the AirDrop menu, tap the person nearby that you'd like to share the password with

Where Are AirDrop Files Saved? On a Mac, your AirDrop files are saved automatically to your Downloads folder. On your iPhone, you'll files will be stored within an appropriate app. You'll be prompted upon receiving a file what app you prefer to use to access the file Open Finder Window on Mac. Sometimes, AirDrop will fail to kick into gear on your Mac unless you open an AirDrop window. To do that, simply bring up Finder and select AirDrop on the sidebar. Then, resend the files from the iPhone 1. Force Restart Your iPhone. Try Force Restarting your device if you are experiencing the AirDrop not working issue. That's because rebooting iOS device generally solves 70% of the issues, here is a quick way to force restart your iPhone How to Enable or Disable Airdrop? 1.Go ahead and go to settings. 2.Next go to General. 3.Finally select: AirDrop. 4.from the next menu you can select to turn off the feature, limit it to contacts only or Allow everyone. when finished simply close the screen or go back. Before you G You can AirDrop files from any iPhone or iPad app that includes the built-in Share sheet, and you can share with anyone, and any of their devices, that show up in the Share sheet. Open the app that you want to share something from (e.g. Photos). Select the item you want to share

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I have turned on/off the Cellular Data, Bluetooth, and Airdrop functions (thru Settings andControl Center) several times and have updated my iPhone X to iOS 11.1.2 recently and Airdrop still doesn't work. I can't even see my MacBook Pro running High Sierra to push photos to it either How to Use AirDrop on iPhone or iPad. This wikiHow teaches you how to share files between devices using Apple's Bluetooth-connected AirDrop feature on your iPhone or iPad. Swipe up from the bottom of your device's screen. This will bring.. Once it's fully expanded, the AirDrop and Personal Hotspot (the latter of which is new to the Control Center) toggles will now be visible, so tap on the AirDrop button. This, in turn, will open up AirDrop's quick settings, and you'll now be free to set your visibility and ability to receive files as you see fit This is how you do it in iPhone X and the latest version of Mac. However, if you are using the older iPhones like iPhone 8 or earlier, you have to swipe up from the bottom to reveal the settings. Now touch and hold the network settings options and do the same when the Airdrop option is displayed

Pull up the Control Center panel on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch by placing your finger below the screen and moving it upward. You can see whether AirDrop is enabled by looking at the AirDrop status here. As AirDrop relies on Bluetooth, it'll be off if Bluetooth is disabled. Tap the AirDrop option to control how AirDrop works Here's how this works: On the iPhone from what you want to AirDrop, tap the Sharing icon (it looks like a little box with an arrow flying out... Now from the Mac, open a Finder window and choose AirDrop from the sidebar (or alternatively, pull down the Go menu... On the Mac, check the 'Allow me. On iPhone X or later or on iPad with iOS 12 or later, place your finger on the top right corner of the screen and swipe down. On iPhone 8 or earlier, swipe up from the bottom of the screen; Touch and hold the network settings square in the top left corner of the Control Centre; Touch and hold the AirDrop button to open the settings. Choose from.

Once AirDrop is turned on for your iPhone or iPad and Mac, you can then go ahead and AirDrop the file. AirDrop from iPhone or iPad. On your iPhone, open the app that you want to AirDrop from 1. Swipe up from the bottom of the iPhone X to launch the Control Center. 2. Tap AirDrop button, you can select the AirDrop contacts to send files. 3. Choose the Everyone option to transfer files for all contacts. Not

For AirDrop to work, the two devices need to be awake. To be exact, the screen on your iPhone needs to be active and your Mac needs to be awake, though AirDrop works if the Mac display is dimmed. With this in mind, you can accept AirDrop transfer from the Lock screen. There is a notification when your iPhone receives a file AirDrop is available without restriction on smartphones and tablets running iOS 7 or newer. This includes the following: iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone SE, iPhone 7. How to use AirDrop on iPhone . The method to using AirDrop on iPhone differs slightly depending on the generation of iPhone you're using, but only in terms of the shortcuts enabled by iPhone 11. Similar to the procedure on the Mac, you can enable Airdrop on your iPhone - using the Control Center or using the Settings app. Using Control Center. Open to Control Center on your iPhone by either swiping down from the top-right corner of the screen (on iPhone X or later) or by swiping up from the bottom of the screen (iPhone 8 or earlier) Step 2: Enable AirDrop on Mac and Send Files. Go to Finder > Go. In the sidebar menu, click on AirDrop and the receiving iPhone should appear as a circle with the iPhone's name underneath it in the AirDrop list on the Mac. Open a new Finder window and locate the files you want to send to the target iPhone

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There, it's described as underpinning the new directional version of AirDrop that takes into account where you're pointing your phone in relation to the device with which you're trying to. AirDrop removed from Control Panel in iOS 11. Where is AirDrop in iOS 11 Control Panel. You can access AirDrop using 3D touch, within the Connections tile. Here you can 3D Touch on AirPlane Mode or Cellular or Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, and it will open a larger menu with two additional options - AirDrop and Personal Hotspot Get Apple iPhone XR support for the topic: AirDrop. Find more step-by-step device tutorials on att.com In this article, we will explain how to change your AirDrop name on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Mac. AirDrop allows you easily and efficiently transfer files you've saved on your iPhone, iPad, and Mac to any other iPhone, iPad, or Mac. It uses Bluetooth technology, allowing you to share all your photos, videos, contacts, etc to another iPhone through a fast and secure connection

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  1. AirDrop is a great program that can let you immediately share photos you have taken on your iPhone with other AirDrop users nearby or with other devices you own. For example, you could share a.
  2. Using AirDrop on iPhone or iPad How to Turn on AirDrop on iPhone or iPad. Launch the Control Center. 3D Touch or long press on the Wi-Fi button. Tap on AirDrop. Select 'Contacts Only' or 'Everyone'. Sending files. Find the file you want to send. Tap the Share button
  3. AirDrop versions before OS X 10.10 were incompatible with AirDrop on iOS so you could not share files with your devices this way. How to use AirDrop on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch
  4. But AirDrop can make it possible for people that you don't know to send you files if you have AirDrop set to accept files from everyone. Our guide below will show you where to find the AirDrop setting on your iPhone 7 so that you can set it to only receive files from contacts, or even prevent anyone from sending you AirDrop files at all

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Instead AirDrop uses a direct Wi-Fi connection for transfers. Owners of an iPhone 5s or later, iPad fourth generation, iPad Mini and the fifth-generation iPod Touch will be able to take advantage of AirDrop. To use AirDrop, you'll need to open Control Center and make sure you have it enabled How to get Airdrop for Android phone and Windows 10 PC. Step 1: First, go to the link and download a tool called KDE Connect on your Windows PC. This is essential for getting a feature similar to. Also Read: How to Fix Notifications Not Working on iPhone iPad > 6 Tips to Fix AirDrop Not Working on iPhone iPad in iOS 11/12. There are some basic tips you can have a try when your AirDrop won't work on iPhone 7/8/X or older iPhone 5s/6/6s, and it also works on iPad/iPod touch. Turn off and then turn on Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Aug 8, 2020, 8:30 am EDT| 3 min read. Nearby Share is the answer to Apple's AirDrop that Android users have been waiting for: a universal method for sharing links, photos, and files between devices. Here's how to set it up and start sharing. There are plenty of apps that you can use to share things on Android Apple technology presents Airdrop that tends to use WiFi wireless networking and Bluetooth too. It allows the users for file-sharing straightly between the devices of Macs and IOS. So we feel the need to use Airdrop on iPhone especially when our basic aim is all about instant file sharing. Being an iPhone user, Recommended Reads: How

AirDrop, Apple's proximity-based, built-in file sharing feature and home to teen meme exchanges, is getting an upgrade with the new iPhones. At Apple's iPhone press event on Tuesday, the. Tо transfer files frоm iPhone tо Mac using AirDrop, уоur Apple AirDrop Mac muѕt bе a 2012 оr lаtеr device running OS X Yosemite оr lаtеr оf macOS. 2. Turn оn Bluetooth аnd Wi-Fi . Apple AirDrop nееdѕ Bluetooth tо locate nearby devices аnd Wi-Fi tо transfer data Google's version of iPhone AirDrop is on Android phones now. Here's how to use it Jason Cipriani 8/24/2020. Man charged in connection with drive-by shooting of Minnesota National Guard and police. How to Fix AirDrop Not Working on iOS 14 and macOS 11 Big Sur Issues By Alice Yang to iOS Tips | Last Updated on June 30, 2020 . Nothing would be better than AirDrop when it comes to transfer photos and videos between iOS iPhone iPad iPod and Mac computer, since it has no strict limits on file size, no 3rd party software needed, no accounts and code required, etc

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Always make sure that the devices iPhone, iPad or Mac is discoverable to receive AirDrop. On the Mac device, go to Finder and click Go and select Airdrop. Check the Allow me to be discovered by. Since Apple hasn't yet officially released a fix, you can try to avoid using or completely turn off AirDrop if you are concerned. To do this on an iPhone or an iPad, click Settings > General. Since upgrading to High Sierra, AirDrop hasn't worked from my iPhone 5s to my MacBook Pro 13 Mid 2012. Does anyone know how to solve this issue? - MacOS High Sierra (10.13.x AirDrop is an easy way to share files and photos. Here's how to turn on Airdrop on your iPhone, iPad or Mac

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As a whole, concerning how to AirDrop songs from one iPhone to another, bear in mind that your iPhone is on iOS 7 and up, Bluetooth & WiFi is enabled, and AirDrop Settings is checked, etc. Assume you're confronted with the following situation, don't hesitate to pick Phone Transfer instead, for it'll make you get twice the result with half the effort Apple added AirDrop to iPhones and iPads along with the release of iOS 7. That means to take advantage of it, you need an iPhone 5 (or newer), an iPad 4th generation (or newer), or a Mac running macOS Lion 10.7 (or newer)

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  1. With AirDrop, you can quickly transfer a photo, video or any other file from your iPhone to other iOS devices.You can also send a link to a web page, or share a location on a map with others. AirDrop allows you to share music from iTunes and Contact information as well.Some claim that with iOS 10 and later, you can share apps with AirDrop.However, we are not sure about the claim, as we did not.
  2. Let me tell you that AirDrop is only supported by devices such as iPhone 5 and above, iPad 4 th generation and above, iPad Mini and above, iPod Touch 5 and above and iOS 7 and Mac OS X Lion (10.7) and above is alo required
  3. Apple's AirDrop feature on iPhone, iPad and MacBook is quite useful for those who want to share files, images to other Apple devices. Security researchers, however, have reportedly discovered a flaw in AirDrop that could reveal users' phone number and email address to strangers
  4. AirDrop won't work on your iPhone 8 and you're not sure why. Without AirDrop, sharing files between your iOS devices is a bit more difficult. In this article, I'll explain what to do when AirDrop is not working on your iPhone so you can fix the problem for good
  5. Apple technology presents Airdrop that tends to use WiFi wireless networking and Bluetooth too. It allows the users for file-sharing straightly between the devices of Macs and IOS. So we feel the need to use Airdrop on iPhone especially when our basic aim is all about instant file sharing. Being an iPhone user, Recommended Reads: How
  6. AirDrop is often the quickest way to transfer content between iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Mac. The service debuted on the Mac in 2011 with OS X Lion and on iOS in 2013. Stay on top of all Apple.

Before you use AirDrop, turn on sharing permissions in Finder on Mac and in Settings on iPhone or iPad. Apple devices need to be in range of each other - about 30 feet - for AirDrop to work Every Mac after 2012 running OS X Yosemite or later, along with every iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch running iOS 7 or later can run AirDrop. On an off-chance that you own an iPhone that came before iOS 7, or you own a Mac that runs anything older than the OS X 10.7 Lion, there might be no support for AirDrop in the first place. 2 AirDrop isn't just for photos. You can use it to transfer almost anything that you can share. For example, you can AirDrop a website from your iPad to your friend's phone, which is great if they want to bookmark it to read later. You can also AirDrop text from Notes to someone else's iPad or iPhone Apple AirDrop flaw 'exposes phone numbers and email addresses' to all We may earn a commission if you click a deal and buy an item. This is how we make money

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How to use AirDrop on iOS (iPhone, iPad or iPod) Saleem Almajed 6/11/2013. It's clear that Apple AirDrop feature first introduced on iOS 7 is one of the most admired functions implemented into it. Previously, it was introduced first on Mac OS X but now it's luckily available on Apple's mobile platform Force restart iPhone is an easy way to fix many issues after iOS 14 update, try to reboot your device when AirDrop not sending or receiving files on iPhone or iPad. For iPhone X/8/8 Plus, press and quickly release the Volume Up button, and then press and quickly release the Volume Down button, press and hold the side button until the Apple logo appears How to Turn on AirDrop & Receive AirDrop Files on iPhone You've probably heard of AirDrop before, but you may be wondering what AirDrop is, how it works, and of course, how to use it! AirDrop is a feature that allows you to wirelessly send and receive photos, videos, websites, locations, and more with nearby Apple devices running on iOS 7 or later The steps to AirDrop from iPhone to Mac for file sharing are similar to AirDrop from Mac to iPhone. Here we will make it simple and short. Step 1. Locate the file or data you want to transfer on your iPhone. Step 2. Tap on the Share icon or find the relevant share entry. Step 3

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  1. If AirDrop is not working on your iPhone 8/X/XS/XS Max/XR/11/11 Pro/11 Pro Max and 2018 iPad Pro, do a hard reset by: 1. Quickly pressing and releasing the Volume Up button on the left sid
  2. iPhone users generally have to depend on third-party services such as Dropbox or else use iCloud or iTunes. Apple's AirDrop is one of the fastest and most convenient ways to use wirelessly send files from iPhone to Mac.AirDrop has a file sharing feature which was released by OS X Lion and allows users to transfer files via AirDrop from iPhone to Mac easily
  3. AirDrop on OS X Yosemite and iOS 8 provides an easy-to-use solution for transferring files, but most of the time the Mac icon does not show up on the iPhone's Airdrop dock
  4. i or later and iPad 4th.
  5. AirDrop is supported on iPad 4 and later, iPad Mini 1 and later, iPhone 5 and later, iPod 5 and later, and Macs. So any of the supported devices can transfer files to each other using AirDrop. But if you want to transfer between a Mac and an iOS device, it has to be Mac OS X 10.10 or later and iOS 8 or later
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AirDrop uses BlueTooth technology to enable sending media (pictures, videos, and documents) to other iPhone, iPad, and iPod users within an approximate radius of 10 meters (20-30 feet), depending on their AirDrop settings (see below) Change AirDrop Name From Settings. You'll be changing the name of your iPhone and this'll reflect not only in AirDrop but at all other places where your iPhone's name is shown. Launch the Settings app on your iPhone. On the following screen, scroll down and find the option that says General. Tap on it when you see it

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