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Directed by Rick Friedberg. With Paul Sorvino, Patrick Cassidy, Rosanna Arquette, Bill Hufsey. Two young hitchhikers are picked up a speed-crazed young woman, who tears around the countryside. She leaves them to take the blame for her activities, and they find themselves sentenced to six months in prison. The girl, feeling bad about what she did to them, resolves to break them out of the prison The girl, feeling bad about what she did to them, resolves to break them out of the prison. Synopsis for this movie has been provided by The Movie Database. Share on FacebookShare Share on TwitterShare. Your opinion about Off the Wall. Directed by Doug Liman. With Aaron Taylor-Johnson, John Cena, Laith Nakli. Two American Soldiers are trapped by a lethal sniper, with only an unsteady wall between them Directed by Alan Parker. With Bob Geldof, Christine Hargreaves, James Laurenson, Eleanor David. A confined but troubled rock star descends into madness in the midst of his physical and social isolation from everyone Pink Floyd - The Wall is a 1982 British live action/adult animated surrealism musical psychological drama film directed by Alan Parker, based on the 1979 Pink Floyd album The Wall.The screenplay was written by Pink Floyd vocalist and bassist Roger Waters. Bob Geldof plays rock star Pink, who, driven into insanity by the death of his father, constructs a physical and emotional wall to protect.

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In theaters starting May 31. http://www.thewall-film.com Martina Gedeck, star of the Academy Award®-winning film The Lives Of Others, brings a vivid intensit.. The Wall is a 2017 American war thriller film directed by Doug Liman and written by Dwain Worrell. The film follows two American soldiers (Aaron Taylor-Johnson and John Cena) trapped by an Iraqi sniper.Produced by Amazon Studios, it was released on May 12, 2017 by Roadside Attractions.The film received mixed reviews from audiences but positive reviews from critics and grossed $4.5 million. In the DVD commentary, Roger Waters and Alan Parker explain that most of the footage from Hey You still exists in the original negatives because it was used in various scenes throughout the rest of the movie, as do several other out-takes and deleted shots (including one of Pink in the soldiers' hospital throwing things at the walls and windows, and some animated shots from The Wall show)

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Off The Wall by Michael JacksonListen to Michael Jackson: https://MichaelJackson.lnk.to/_listenYDSubscribe to the official Michael Jackson YouTube Channel:.. Movie 300 - Scenes where the Persian Messenger comments that their arrows will blot out the sun and The scene shows the Arrows doing just that Words on Bathroom Walls. PG-13. 2020, Drama/Romance, 1h 51m. 90%. Tomatometer 88 Reviews. 94%. Audience Score 250+ Verified Ratings I give The Wall a few props for having the guts to stretch this premise out, but I just can't recommend it, solely because I think you will be bored out of your mind. KJ P Super Reviewer Jun 14, 201 Movie Info. In this visual riff on Pink Floyd's album The Wall, successful but drugged-out musician Pink (Bob Geldof) is looking back on his isolated childhood from the confines of a Los Angeles.

Check out our out of wall selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our shops And like with most Disney movies, I fell asleep inspired. I wanted to share a few entrepreneurial lessons I learned from the scrappy, determined and charismatic Wall-E. 1. It is OK to fall in.

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Came out in the month where movies expected to be blessed with negative reviews, it was no surprise that I thought it would be one of those ill-fated movies. In the end, I've underestimated it. The Great Wall follows William (Matt Damon), a mercenary who tries to obtain the Black Powder, a deadly explosive, only to get caught in a battle against monsters that awakens every 60 years The Wall is the eleventh studio album by the English rock band Pink Floyd, released on 30 November 1979 by Harvest and Columbia Records.It is a rock opera that explores Pink, a jaded rock star whose eventual self-imposed isolation from society forms a figurative wall. The album was a commercial success, topping the US charts for 15 weeks, and reaching number three in the UK The Great Wall - The First Attack: William (Matt Damon) and Tovar (Pedro Pascal) watch in shock and awe as alien creatures attack the Great Wall and the Name.. But perhaps the most damaging Wall project for Pink Floyd was the making of Alan Parker's film version in 1982, with Bob Geldof in the lead role as Pink. The point where Roger and my relationship became unworkable was during the making of the film, Gilmour explained. Alan Parker and Roger rowed so badly that Alan walked out I brought up the subject of the monsters -- identified as Taotai in The Great Wall-- when I sat down to talk with Zhang Yimou at the movie's Los Angeles press day last week.Speaking through a.

Investors' Story Left Out of Wall St. 'Wolf' Movie. Leonardo DiCaprio in the film The Wolf of Wall Street.. The Wolf of Wall Street is about to have his day. The Martin Scorsese film about the Wolf — Jordan Belfort in real life, played by Leonardo DiCaprio — tells how Mr. Belfort swindled thousands of investors out of more than. Jordan Ross Belfort (/ ˈ b ɛ l f ɔː r t /; born July 9, 1962) is an American author, motivational speaker, former stockbroker, and convicted felon.In 1999, he pled guilty to fraud and related crimes in connection with stock-market manipulation and running a boiler room as part of a penny-stock scam.Belfort spent 22 months in prison as part of an agreement under which he gave testimony. The fourth wall is a performance convention in which an invisible, imagined wall separates actors from the audience. While the audience can see through this wall, the convention assumes, the actors act as if they cannot. From the 16th century onward, the rise of illusionism in staging practices, which culminated in the realism and naturalism of the theatre of the 19th century, led to the.

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Off The Wall Movie. 115 likes. This is the main page for The OFF THE WALL series movies. It will focus on the transformations thru Christ in Ocean Beach California Martin Scorsese's The Wolf of Wall Street was a huge box office success and a critical darling when it first hit theaters in 2013. Leonardo DiCaprio was showered with praise for his lead performance as stockbroker Jordan Belfort, while the Goodfellas meets The Hangover tone made The Wolf of Wall Street one of Scorsese's most entertaining efforts The Wolf Of Wall Street Quotes From The Movie. My name is Jordan Belfort. The year I turned 26, I made 49 million dollars, which really pissed me off because it was three shy of a million a week.. - Jordan Belfort. You see money doesn't just buy you a better life, better food, better cars, better women, it makes you actually a. The Best Movie Ending of the Year Almost Didn't Happen. How director Doug Liman radically changed the end of his sniper drama, 'The Wall,' at the very last minute — and saved his movie in.

The rock opera Pink Floyd: The Wall, first performed in 1978, came at a time when some rock artists were taking themselves very seriously indeed. While the Beatles and Stones had recorded stand-alone songs or themed albums at the most, The Who produced Tommy in 1969 and Quadrophenia in 1973. David Bowie and Genesis followed, and Pink Floyd: The Wall essentially brought a close to that. The Plant is a plant in the movie WALL•E. It is a small seedling tree that was growing in a broken fridge on Earthsince the toxin levels have risen down. It was discovered by WALL•E, a little bot programmed to clean up and compact Earth's trash. However, he has developed a curiouspersonalityafter he split the fridges door in two with his head-mounted laser. It plays a serious and critical. Película de 1997 dirigida por Alan Parker y Gerald Scarf Where The Wall excels is in the creation of an extra-untantalizing desert atmosphere. The dust is practically inhalable, the sunlight glaring, and the characters grow ever more sand-gritted with each mishap. Lack of water and massive leg wounds are bad enough without the sniper still being out there

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  1. It is an 80s movie that myself and my sister would have gotten out on VHS in the 90s. The premise is as old as time: a mixed-up pair of twins swapped at birth, town mouse and country mouse
  2. 'The Wall' movie review (Music Box Films) By Stephanie Merry. Stephanie Merry The woman can't seem to find a way out, but even if she could, it seems she may not want to leave
  3. The movie was titled Do the Right Thing. However, I believe in the movie, nobody really did the right thing. Near the end of the movie, After Radio Raheem was killed. The angry mob was getting out of control. Mookie redirected their anger towards the store by throwing a trash can through the window of the restaurant
  4. 10. Clive Owen Hides in the Wall, in Inside Man (2006) In Spike Lee's complex heist drama, Clive Owen plays one of the smartest, most precise bank robbers ever seen at the movies, and.
  5. Here are the 101 best sex scenes of all time, from steamy foreign classics to Hollywood's lustiest movies like Basic Instinct and Wild Things

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Darren Aronofsky's Mother movie is jam-packed with symbolism, metaphor, and allegory, so we try to break down what his controversial film means Check out a clip from the movie. Or read up on some of the craziest fan theories about Us, learn about the horror movie homework Peele gave his cast to watch while making the movie,.

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  1. Looking for the best quotes from The Wolf of Wall Street? Then look no further. The Wolf of Wall Street is a memoir by a former stockbroker and trader Jordan Belfort, first published in September 2007. In 2013 it was adapted into a movie by the same name. The movie, starring Leonardo DiCaprio as Jordan [
  2. g) is directing a Fantastic Four reboot. This seems far out enough for the new film. The last time we saw Marvel's first family on screen was in 2015
  3. What 'The Dawn Wall' Left Out The long-awaited documentary showcases the world's hardest rock climb and the life of visionary Tommy Caldwell, but it goes only so far into the human element Tommy.
  4. Prison movies have been around for decades offering a variety of glimpses into how to break free and stick it to the Man. While we certainly had a cornucopia of options to choose from, we tried to narrow it down our selections to grittier and more real-world depictions as opposed to the extraordinary scenarios seen in films like Face/Off, Fortress, Escape from New York and Time Bandits

In the 1987 movie Wall Street, Michael Douglas as Gordon Gekko gave an insightful speech where he said, Greed, for lack of a better word, is good. He went on to make the point that greed is a clean drive that captures the essence of the evolutionary spirit Drawing. Simply sketch out the rooms on pencil and paper. You usually want a top down view of the set, listing all furniture, walls, doors, and windows, and a more artistic, cinematic drawing of the room. Other films. Pull up clips and shots from other movies you might want to emulate, then discuss how you'd change things to make them unique

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The Wall was Roger Waters' crowning accomplishment in Pink Floyd.It documented the rise and fall of a rock star (named Pink Floyd), based on Waters' own experiences and the tendencies he'd observed in people around him. By then, the bassist had firm control of the group's direction, working mostly alongside David Gilmour and bringing in producer Bob Ezrin as an outside collaborator Drop in. It's free. Watch 250+ channels of free TV and 1000's of on-demand movies and TV shows In 2013, a movie based on the memoir released starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Jonah Hill, and Margot Robbie. Below are Wolf of Wall Street quotes from both the book and the movie which dive into topics of success, money, and business. Wolf of Wall Street quotes about success. 1 On August 6, 2013, as Israel spray paints one last wall which would command immediate respect from his peers, a fatal encounter with a police officer leaves his family and friends devastated, the Miami community outraged, and the country reeling from another case of police brutality After offering his services to Belfort out of the blue in a local diner, Donnie becomes the Wolf's most trusted associate, and it's Hill who gives the movie's most flamboyant (if slightly.

Social media users have shared photos of President Joe Biden in the Oval Office, claiming they provide proof that the office is fake or a film set. The evidence includes a supposed change in. Wall Street, Trading Places, and The Pursuit of Happyness are movies that I never get tired of watching. The Enron story is one that will become a classic

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2015-apr-30 - Gollum's cave. His head and left arm are made out of papier-mâché, the rest is painted on the wall. Located in a movie theate Most people have the basics of throwing a movie night down: you get a movie, you get snacks, you get comfortable, and boom, you're done. When it comes to throwing a movie party in the backyard, however, things get a little trickier. Read on as we show you how to do it stress free

1. Choose the Space. You can't have a movie without power, so be sure to find a spot outdoors with access to outlets. Then design your setup with lighting in mind.Make sure that nearby house. He used his first Wall Street Bonus to buy a white Ferrari because Don Johnson had one. 11. He woke up his secretary at 4 am because he was in London and ran out of drugs No. As we know, Jordan turns out good at the very end of the story and understands his mistakes. So, Jordan never changes to begin with. He doesn't become a character who truly gets pleasure from doing cocaine 24/7. Jordan never truly developed, he was never truly the prick he was throughout most of the movie, that was just a mask From Wall Street to modern-day classics like The Big Short and The Wolf of Wall Street, some of the most widely praised films of the last half-century have all had one theme in common: money. Check out 15 of the best movies about Wall Street, business, corruption and corporate greed

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  1. But this movie takes a perverse pleasure in giving the sadistic antagonist asinine, fantastical advantages, while the suffering of deaths of US citizens is glorified. Good thing that in real life, there are no magical enemy snipers capable of hitting a three 2 inch, erratically moving targets at a distance of 1500m, or taking down two bullet-proof Huey helicopters at 2000m+
  2. Pink Floyd's The Wall is one of the most intriguing and imaginative albums in the history of rock music. Since the studio album's release in 1979, the tour of 1980-81, and the subsequent movie.
  3. Common Sense Media is the leading source of entertainment and technology recommendations for families. Parents trust our expert reviews and objective advice
  4. There's a glitzy movie theater playing a double bill of Blow Out and Zorro the Gay Blade, attended by Thomas, Martha and young Bruce Wayne, who exit the theater and into the chaos
  5. P ink Floyd's the Wall is one of the most intriguing and imaginative albums in the history of rock music. Since the studio album's release in 1979, the tour of 1980-81, and the subsequent movie of 1982, the Wall has become synonymous with, if not the very definition of, the term concept album
  6. The film Inside Job brilliantly exposes the corruption in US banking that led to the 2008 crash. We ask four bankers for their verdict on this damning indictment of their worl

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  1. The Great Wall opens with William (Matt Damon), a European mercenary, riding through desert lands with a handful of men. When they stop to make camp for the night, they are attacked by a.
  2. Both the book and the movie The Wolf of Wall Street contain many crazy, entertaining, and decadent stories. But beneath all the debauchery there are a number of key lessons for you to learn from the success of Jordan Belfort and Stratton Oakmont. Read on for some great insight into this motivated business man that [
  3. Shaking hands with actor P.J. Byrne ahead of our mass orgy scene aboard a charter plane in The Wolf of Wall Street, I'm excited that I've been paired with one of the movie's principals
  4. Actual movie quote: Magic mirror, on the wall - who is the fairest one of all? 5. She Done Him Wrong. Misquote: Why don't you come up and see me sometime? Actual movie quote: You're out.
  5. Before Mara's character moves out of their home, she writes something on a small piece of paper, folds it up, inserts it into an opening in the wall and traps it there by painting over it
  6. It's hard to believe this movie is 13 years old. I know it's no underrated gem or anything, but it's a great movie that should always be celebrated. And with it being that old, I'm certain there are a lot of younger people that haven't seen it. Jason Segel came out of the gate with his first written film and nailed it

The Wolf of Wall Street is a 2013 American epic biographical black comedy crime film directed by Martin Scorsese and written by Terence Winter, based on the 2007 memoir of the same name by Jordan Belfort.It recounts Belfort's perspective on his career as a stockbroker in New York City and how his firm, Stratton Oakmont, engaged in rampant corruption and fraud on Wall Street, which ultimately. We do this by creating unique designs and offering a variety of products from wall decals to outdoor graphics, so that you can create a space that celebrates what you love. Find your fandom from hundreds of officially licensed sports, movies and entertainment designs, or create your own with our customizable options Real estate news with posts on buying homes, celebrity real estate, unique houses, selling homes, and real estate advice from realtor.com

Behind The Walls (93) Take those two out of the movie and this would of been even better. The plot was predictable and they messed up the ending in so many ways. You see it coming but still, the ending is horrible and contradicting. Like I did this for you Instead of just making ads about creativity, We're helping artists bring their ideas to life

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Wall Street has provided plenty of inspiration for the film industry over the years. Here are some of the best movies about money 'They Live' is a science-fiction movie from the Eighties that features aliens, a WWF wrestler and a whole lot of sunglasses. What's not to like? While, at first glance, the movie appears to be a bunch of nonsense, 'They Live' actually communicates a powerful message about the elite and its use of mass media to [ All told, 2019 was kind of a weird year for movies. Disney, whose world we increasingly live in, made $10 billion at the box office before releasing Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker—thanks to.

View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the CD release of The Wall (The Soundtrack Of The Motion Picture) on Discogs The Wall Street Journal. Subscribe What To Read This Spring Best Books of March Oscar Nominations Guide Fresh Eyes on the Frick Collection Movie Reviews Best Books of 2020 Reaching Out in. Every good horror movie needs an enemy of some kind. Whether that's a terrifying monster that has set its target on the town the movie is set in, a killer on the loose, or some kind of malicious spirit that has chosen to attack the main characters, there needs to be something to scare the viewers.For some movies, the scary setup is the outbreak of a deadly virus that is making its way through. According to Amazon, seven of the top ten releases come from two movies: WALL-E and Tropic Thunder. Add in the Spanish language edition and there are five versions of the former movie coming out this week, including the 3-Disc DVD and the 3-Disc Blu-ray , either one of which is worthy of the DVD Pick of the Week

Hey you, out there beyond the wall, Breaking bottles in the hall, Can you help me? Hey you, don't tell me there's no hope at all Together we stand, divided we fall. [Click of TV being turned on] Well, only got an hour of daylight left. Better get started Isnt it unsafe to travel at night The instant classic The Wolf of Wall Street certainly shows a particular side of life in the big leagues. But countless other movies depict working life on the most fast-paces street in the world. Here's a look back at some of the best Wall Street movies ever made (that may not even take place on Wall Street). 15. Pi A.

Wolf of Wall Street Banned Scene - H 2014 UPDATED: India lost three scenes while the movie has been banned in Malaysia and Nepal as Martin Scorsese's film begins rolling out around the globe Cameras follow Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorgeson as they take on the staggering challenge of free-climbing Yosemite's most formidable rock formation. Watch trailers & learn more Wall Street. Heading south, the movie features a fantastic shot of Wall Street in the early morning. Very little has changed here Location: Wall Street and Broadway. Location: Coenties Slip at Water Street. There's also a great pair of shots of the old Third Avenue elevated train, taken at the Coenties Slip S-curve off of Water Street

The movie can be followed by anybody, because the details of stock manipulation are all filtered through transparent layers of greed. Most of the time we know what's going on. All of the time, we know why. Although Gekko's law-breaking would of course be opposed by most people on Wall Street, his larger value system would be applauded That was an excellent summary of the 1987 film Wall Street, especially setting out the entire Greed is good speech. Now I really should also watch the film once more to refresh my memory, but it is my recollection that what I found most disturbing and infuriating about Gekko's behavior was not so much the greed factor in and of itself, but Gekko's frequent use of unethical. The movie's protagonists, Wall-E and EVE, are clearly of biblical reference: Adam and Eva. In the beginning, Wall-E, the robot created to clean up the mess of Earth, is alone after all other Wall-E compactors cease to operate. Wall-E's loneliness is a reference to Adam's before God created his wife I saw in the movie that the way that lead to the inside of Helm's Deep was through a gate, from a somewhat steeply inclined ramp; both the gate and the ramp were not directly connected to the wall, that was built on another side of the keep. So, the way inside the Helm's Deep didn't go through the wall WALL•E (2008) A SDG Original source: National Catholic Register In a barren wasteland of endless towers and canyons of refuse, a single creature stirs: a small robot chugging tirelessly about, almost imperceptibly bringing order out of disorder

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WALL•E is Pixar's ninth CGI-animated feature film. The beginnings of WALL-E started in the summer of 1994 as a production of Toy Story was wrapping up. John Lasseter, Pete Docter, Joe Ranft, and Andrew Stanton began bouncing ideas around for new movies, and out of this planning came A Bug's Life, Monsters, Inc., Finding Nemo, and WALL-E WOW! Falling Down meets Wall St. Watching the transformation of one man, by Mr. Purcell, due to the compound of tragedies one right after another demonstrates how a soldier acquires the 1,000-yard stare, and he shows the viewer his. He just wants to take care of his wife but she has other plans and it hurts bad

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Top 10 Berlin Wall Movies. It's been 50 years since the start of construction on the Berlin Wall. TIME looks back at 10 movies that were set in the time of the Wall—and now have outlasted it The 50 Greatest Movie Dance Scenes of All Time Including Call Me by Your Name, Purple Rain, Black Swan, and Paddington 2

To someone who ascended out of the cave, it's a film about the inherent societal barriers created by capitalism. Let's dig deeper into how Plato's cave has impacted other movies. PLATO'S ALLEGORY OF THE CAVE SUMMARY Use the allegory to emphasize theme. There's something inherently haunting about Plato's allegory Apparently, the movie has caused annoyance in some quarters because it criticizes the American way of life. This it does, and with suavity and supreme good humor. WALL-E is a classic, but it will never appeal to people who are happy with art only when it has as little bite as possible. Read full revie There's no movie quite like The Wolf of Wall Street, which saw Scorsese's indistinguishable style of crime epic meeting the limitless possibilities of CGI. It's hardly surprising that there are some interesting stories behind the making of the movie. 10 Jordan Belfort Was Inspired By Tommy Chong To Write The Boo

Movies. WALL-E (Cert U) Xan Brooks @XanBrooks. Fri 18 Jul 2008 04.48 EDT. I t's the end of the world according to Pixar. WALL-E is a song from a dying planet,. Martin Scorsese unleashed his latest, The Wolf of Wall Street, on unsuspecting audience members Christmas Day.It turned out to be an unusual film for which to commemorate the birth of Baby Jesus.

The movie confirms one of my convictions: If you are too popular in high school, you may become so fond of the feeling that you never find out who you really are. The film is based on Stephen Chbosky's best-selling young-adult novel, which was published in 1999 and is now on many shelves next to The Catcher in the Rye Like the popularity of the song Another Brick in the Wall, Part 2, the movie sequence is one of the most distinct and well-known pieces in the Pink Floyd video collection. The darkness and cynicism of the set design is due in large part to Gerald Scarfe, who based the factory-like school in the video on some of his previous artwork inspired by his own education Side note: Soon, my book on The Pixar Theory will be coming out, and it's packed with theories that concern this movie and BnL in general. What you're about to read is something that didn't make it into the final draft, so BONUS! Anyway, humans remain in space unbothered for 700 years, which is when the movie's plot begins with WALL-E But Wall Street is not synonymous with capitalism and markets. It was government intrusion and regulation over many decades that caused the crisis. We know this. And yet the counternarrative persists in the public mind. Sadly, rather than get out of the way, increased government interference keeps capitalism from doing its regenerative work

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She's Out of My Life Lyrics: She's out of my life / She's out of my life / And I don't know whether to laugh or cry / I don't know whether to live or die / And it cuts like a knife / She's out. 'Knives Out' Review: The Giddy Pleasures of Virtuosity Rian Johnson's latest film is a dazzling whodunit in the vein of Agatha Christie. Watch a clip from the movie 'Knives Out.' Scorsese's Wolf of Wall Street is the blackest of black comedies mainly due to its willingness to wallow in its protagonist's point of view at such length. There's an extended sequence towards the end of the movie that ranks up there as one of the core reasons I cherish the cinema as an art form, and if you've seen the movie you can probably identify the one I mean Shadow of the Tomb Raider is now available on consoles and PC, and it marks the third and final installment in Square Enix's rebooted Tomb Raider trilogy. While the first two games were developed exclusively by Crystal Dynamics, Deus Ex studio Eidos Montreal took charge on the latest chapter, arguably giving Lara Croft her definitive adventure

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